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94 Toyota Corolla with new Cluster

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Guys, I have a 94 rolla with a 91 engine according to the engine VIN. I mention this because i just attempted to replace the original 94 cluster with one i got from ebay (93-97) with a tach. After installing it and turning the key to on, the odo jumps to around 50 mph and then slowly returns to 0. after starting the vehicle the tach does not move. Once i start driving the odo starts moving slowly but never gets above 30 mph on the gauge and the tach never moves.

has anyone experience this before or know how to correct this problem? Any help is greatly appreciated
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so you now have a tach for a 91 engine and it does that?
no, the tach is for a 7th gen corolla.
if you could post a decent pic of the engine they look different and some one could tell you whats going on

I just did a tach cluster swap on my GF's 93 and everything is fine...

Thanks, i will do that sometime today.
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