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94 Toyota PickupIn Dash Light sizes ? ?

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I was wondering what size the in dash light bulbs are on 94 toyota pickup and was wondering if there are different colors thanks
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What cluster do you have? SR5 or Delux?

The SR5 has two typs of bulbs, #194 and #74

There are three #194 for the main cluster and two #74 for the oil pres,temp,volt,gas meters.

You can also change all of the warning lights, they use #74 bulbs
The turn signals can also be changed, they use two #194's (make sure you remove the green plate)

Your heater controls use a #74 as does your ashtray light and cig lighter light.

I changed mine over to blue with LEDS from
pictures in my cardomain..
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how hard is it 2 remove the dash where the speedometer is 2 get 2 the lights 2 replace them thanks
i think its a SR5 it dont have nothin on it that tells
An SR5 cluster will have a tach and oil pressure gauge and volt meter. Delux cluster will not have those.

To remove the cluster you need to remove:

-Lower cluster under the colum
-surrounding area (just pops off) - make sure you get the two bolts pointing up from in front of the cluster
-remove the heater control plate (paper clip works good to pry it out)
-remove 4bolts that hold the cluster in
-pull the cluster as far as you can, remove the 4 wiring clips (they only go in one way, so dont worry about mixing them up)
- pull the speedo cable out, or if its electric dont worry about that

remove the bulbs and replace. most LEDS are polarized so if they dont work, remove, turn em 180 degrees and try it again.
ok mines a delux cause it aint got that and is it any different 4 a delux on takeing it off thanks
is the light fittings still the same on a delux
Will come out the same, but it will have a different number of bulbs probibly (mix of the same kind)

Get 10 of each or something :)
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