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94 up parts??

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Im lookin for some 93 up rims i heard they cost 250-500 depedin on conidition...and the 94 up tailights i can get at the lowest for 380...anyone get it for lower? Let me know.
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u got the prices about right....can't find them any cheaper unless u get them used.....
DAMN....i guess i will need to fork out the money to make the car look CLEAN...cuz my friend just got a 94 n/a....the tailights, spoiler and rims make me jealous...haha
blah....get a 91 turbo and blow his doors off.......:D
^ Agreed.

and if you think thats "forking out money" for an MR2.... you are in for a big surprise my friend. Wait 'til your first large maintainance bill. :D
yeah workin 2 jobs this summer preparing to swap out the motor in about a year or more hopefully. My car has 197000 plus. Runs great! Imma just get some exterior mods and be prepared to swap out the 5sfe for a 3sgte! Has anyone bought a 94 up spoiler? how much do those run?
I know on the main board there is a group buy for some carbon fiber 94 and 98 spoilers.
a used 94 spoiler will cost a few hundred bucks...add in another few hundred to get it painted and installed.....don't forget that u will have about 11 or so holes to be filled that are used for the 91 wing....u'll see them once u pull the 91's 3 piece spoiler off the car....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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