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95 4 runner electrical issues???

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I have a 95 4runner that has been very reliable up until now. I went to go to work the other day and turned on the key only to hear the dreaded 'click,click" I assumed the battery was dead so i jumped it and while I was letting it charge back up I noticed my engine was idleing rough. Upon further investigation, I noticed the voltmeter gauge was fluctuating slightly, then i went to use the power windows and locks and that dramtically affected the volt meter drop off. Also I took it for a drive and when i tapped the brakes the idle/tac started jumping around erratically. All this started at once after it sat for a day after i got home from work. Anybody have any idea what might of happened. As for the battery being dead, it starts sometimes now and sometimes it just clicks when I turn it over. Also the dash lights will dim when I push the power window or door locks buttons!
Totally confused!!!!
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Might the battery is not being charged, the alternator is not putting out full currant/voltage. This could be the reason the battery want dead. Use a voltmeter to see if the battery is receiving 13-14V during charging. A charged battery should have a voltage of 12.6-.8 volts. If below 12V it is dead. If you have a battery charger, charge the battery fully and see if this makes a differance.
I 've had similar problems with my Tacoma my issue was the ground to the engine block It was rusted out and only making partial connection I used a multi meter to check the continuity $5.00 later for a new ground wire from the battery to the engine block I was back in bussiness Good luck
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