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95 4Runner: A/C cuts out

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Hey all, I'm new to the site, but have owned Toyotas for quite a while. This is my 2nd Runner and the AC is acting a bit strangely. For the most part, it works great and blows ice cubes, but when the temp gauge crosses over the halfway point, it cuts out. It still blows air, but not cold. I've never really dealt with AC system, so I'd appreciate any ideas on where to look, how to troubleshoot, causes, etc. Many thanks in advance...

PS - The AC does kick back on if/when the temp gauge gets back to the middle. If I drive highway, everything is fine, but only a few minutes of stop/go traffic is enough to raise the temp and kill the AC ... blower still goes though. And if I get back to highway0like driving, the AC will kick back on ...