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95.5 or 96 Tacoma?

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I'm not quite sure if I have 95.5 or a 96 Tacoma. I think it might be a 95.5 because of the fact there are 2 listings for lights for a 96, one a sealed beam, the other is a replacement bulb, I have the sealed beam. On the other hand the manufacture date is in 96. Anyhow, I'm wondering if there is a sure fire way to know.
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Doesn't matter, the 95.5-97s are pretty much the same truck. What you need to make sure of is if you have a 95 Toyota PU or a 95.5 Tacoma. Both were produced that year, and are not the same truck.
This article says that the 95.5 came out in February, 1995.

If you have a 1996, the 10th digit of the VIN should be a T. For 1995, it's S.
Its got the Tacoma badgeing and its the tacoma body style. I had a 1990 before this one and its not that body style. Thanks for the info.
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