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95 Avalon Power window problem

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I recently bought a 95 Avalon as a commuter.

The entire right hand side power window does not work. Pressed switch and nothing happens. Is this caused by bad motor or simply bad switch.
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The entire right hand side, is this both passenger windows (both doors)? Will the driver’s side console switch operate the windows?

The wires going between the driver’s side door and cars frame often break because of the constant opening and door closing.
Thanks for response.

Actually both right door windows (front and back) can't be operated by the driver side switch nor the door switch.

So i am lost.
All is not lost. Power to the passenger side window motors comes from two sources. One is controlled by the driver’s side console switch; the other goes directly to each passenger switch to allow local control by the passenger.

Both power sources start out from the driver’s side console. If the wires going between the driver’s door and cars frame are broken (look in this area for a cable sheath, no power will get to the passenger’s window motor (a common problem). Since both window motors are not working, this may be the cause.

Suggest removing the driver’s side door panel and checking the wiring. FYI, a wiring diagram for the 1995 Camry is available at the link below. The cars are almost the same. It will help you understand the problem and how to fix it.
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