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95 camry 4cyl intake hose leaking

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anypne know where to buy intake hose at a good price?

I spent 1 hr searching on the web and only found lots stainless steel pipes intakes.

I just want to replace this with one like my old one or is there an easy way to fix it?

shots I took for the broken hose:
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I just did a quick search and couldn't find any place that sells the midpipe (someone correct me if I'm wrong). I'd just go to a junkyard and get one of a wrecked Camry. Any gen3 with the 5sfe should work, and it'll only be like $10. Good luck!
first off get another clamp that one is doing more damage.
second cut off the damaged part and move it up and reclamp it saves you money:thumbup: :D
anyone know the part number of that hose? thanks
your local toyota dealership would know

or you could get one at a junk yard, pretty damn cheap...
Thanks for the info, I've learned alot. :)

I just got an Email from an on line toyota website:

Hose 75.20 -- 49 state car.
Hose 61.78 -- if Calif car
Shipping 8.00

All parts are new Genuine Toyota Parts and carry a one year warranty .

Is the price fair? Also I am wondering why the hose is cheaper for California car( I live in California and glad to save a few bucks but still curious)?

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