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Hey guys, I'm doing some work on the girls car. Its a 95 Camry, Automatic 4 cylinder with no ABS.

So far, I've put a new valve cover gasket on, full tune up, starter, and now I'm trying to install the new driver's side axel.

The drivers side axel was a pain on my celica, but its being just a bitch on this camry. I've compared both axels (old and new) and I'm positve they're identical! Though, this damn axel wont go in! Any tricks you guys know of? I'm a little scared to just "pound" it in, I actually ruined my celica transmission by doing that. Their's bearings in there that receive the axle, and I'd hate to destroy them.

I've heard to point the C clip down, I've also greased it up to no avail :(

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