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95 Camry ECU/ECM for transmission problem

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I have 95 V6 Camry, California emissions. It will not shift into overdrive. I am pretty sure I need to replace the brain box. Problem is that I cannot find exact replacement at auto recyclers, #89661-33420. Can I replace with another serial number as long as it come out of similar 95 V6 Camry, California with same accessories?
Thanking all who respond in advance,
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Part number 8966133420 was superseded by part number 896613342084. So, you can search using the new number.
Another number for ECU 95 V6 is 89661‑06200, superseded by the same 896613342084 (that proofs it is the same part).
Nervous, Yes I have known about the 896613342084, but not the 89661‑06200. Thank you. I will also look for that number.
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