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95 camry fuel pump connection questions

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I have a 95 camry le (4 cyl) that is leaking fuel below the drivers side about a foot before the rear wheel.

When I inspect the leak from under the car I see two lines that go up to the top of the gas tank to the fuel pump in the tank. One line is a rubber hose and the other appears to be a metal line with a rubber jacket. This line has a union that connects below the gas tank. The fuel is dripping onto these lines.

I have pulled the rear seat and inspected the fuel pump location going into the tank. I don't see any fuel leakage at the fuel pump or the top of the tank.

Here are some of my questions, I feel that my metal line that exits the fuel pump with union on it is bad. It seems as if the leak is occuring somewhere coming down the side of the tank. The line that is rubber covered is swelling, to me indicated that this is the line that needs to be replaced.

Is this something that can be replaced without pulling the tank?? (can i pull the line from the top or bottom and snake the replacement in?

Is this a standard part that I should be able to easily get?

Is there a parts lookup website that would have this part #?

thanks in advance
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i hope its that line, i'm glad to hear the tank doesn't need to be removed. It did look like I could snake it down in there.

Any tricks that I should know regarding the fuel pump bracket??

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