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1995 Camry LE I4 FWD 4-speed
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TL;DR - I am hoping to access collective Toyota knowledge in order to work on my own car.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I'm Molly and I live in Oregon. I inherited my grandfather's '95 Camry when he passed away last August. He was the second owner, using it only for quick trips to the hardware store or the bowling alley. It only had 87k original miles on it. After years and years of owning second hand cars that always needed work, I was thrilled to have a solid vehicle with low mileage that I owned out right.

My mechanical and engine experience stems predominantly from air-cooled VW engines, Fords, and Subarus. This is the first time I have owned a Toyota, and I can tell you already that I am loving the simplicity and how much freaking room there is in the engine bay! Holy shit, have you ever looked under the hood of a Ford?!?! With wiring issues? #dead

Anyway, I've started experiencing some issues that I would like to fix myself rather than taking it to the shop. My partner recommended that I take my mechanic brain out of Volkswagen land and move into the world of Toyota. And he's not wrong. So I am posting here to meet Toyota enthusiasts with direct experience and knowledge with these machines. I am looking forward to getting to know some of you!

Hope you are well and happy,

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