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95 Camry Shaking

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Over the last couple of days, when I start the car and start driving .. there is a very severe shaking. It usually starts at about 20mph and then gets really bad. I don't know where the shaking is coming from but it is not noticed so much at the steering wheel. Once the shaking starts, after braking and coming to a stop the shaking gets really bad even at 10mph.

The mysterious part is after stopping two or three times, the shaking goes away. I took it to a mechanic but by the time I reached the mechanic, the shaking was gone so there was no way to pin point what it was.

I know its not the rear as I have had the rear struts, links, callipers, rotors, E-brake changed. The problem being I can't identify where the vibration is coming from.

95 Camry
2.2 I4
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Motor/trnsmission mounts?
Check your steering system (especially tie rod ends) and suspension (especially the bushings for deterioration). It might also be a broken strut mount (pop the little cover in the engine bay and see if you can see damaged rubber).

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