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95 camry V6 1mz-fe engine sludge

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Hi, Guys,

My 95 V6 camry engine sludge build-up. Blue smoke comes out from tailpipe when I startup. I am going to flush it by myself.

Does anybody know how to do it?
What I am trying to do is:
1) pour engine flush fluid before I change oil.
2) run engine ideal 15 min.
3) drain old oil replace oil filter
4) fill fresh oil.

Is there any problems about the flush fluid? I wonder if it can be harmful to engine instead of clean it up.

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i think you should get it done professionally... that's the best way to go. I think they use the product brand BG and use an actual machine to flush and suck the crap outta your engine... i mean if it's that bad, i'd go pro rather than the usual do-it-yourself maintenance.
Well how much sludge??

Because the 'clumps' may block oil passages, causing more damage.

I would buy a couple of new filters, the cheaper the better, and use them to catch any crud/ sludge as well.

I have used diesel instead of the store bought stuff.
it is cheaper.

many on this forum have tried AutoRX, do a search!
Ton of lexus guys have had this problem with your motor as well. This is actually a time when juffy lube can come in handy. I know that theyhave a very good flushing system at most locations, so give them a call to check.
you can also try and get some seafoam and put it in a few days before you change your oil and that helps loosen some up.
I am sorry but the engine flush does only the block part of the engine in the head there is never enough pressure for it to remove enough sludge .Still better then nothing...
i had the same problem with my 97 cam, it was pretty much all in the rocker covers(i'm pretty sure thats what they are called). i didnt bother with flushing them out or anything, i just replaced them. i was lucky enough that i could get my hands on brand new ones for fairly cheap. i read up on it and its ment to be a big problem with the older 1mz's or something and the best way to fix it is to replace the rocker covers
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