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95 Camry Wiring issue

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I wasn't sure if I was suppose to post this in the audio forum or here, but I was leaning more towards here even though it is an audio question.

Yesterday I did a quick install on my temp. subwoofer setup and I was looking around for the wiring chart, when I found it, it said the remote amp turn on wire was blue/white, I couldn't find a blue/white wire so I hooked it up to the yellow 12volt, I mean the amp works, subwoofer works, but even though my car is off, I opened the trunk and I felt my amp and it is REALLY warm like its been in use for a long time, I'm not sure but I think my amp is suppose to be cold when my car isn't on,

for any of you out there, do you know where I'm suppose to hook up the remote amp wire or whatever the thing is called?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts is your friend. You're feeding 12 volts to the amp 24/7 right now... not good.
Yeah the remote wire o the back of the stereo. Should be blue I think.
yeah I fixed the problem it seems that the way my connector was that the amp wire is connected to the power antenna wire so I had to connect it there
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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