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My car smells like exhaust. It smells like I forgot to close the trunk or something and exhaust is coming into my car, but it smells like that all of the time. The only thing I noticed was a little crack like thing in the stock headers, but would that cause exhaust smell in my car?

My car engine is really loud, and it is bone stock. I took off the short ram and it is still really loud. All of the other rollas I know have a quiet engine unless modified.

My car is starting to make a really loud wretching noise when I turn the wheel. I'm guessing this is from an overtightened belt, but would it cause that sound? I got it changed about 2 months ago and it just started. It also smells weird when it does this.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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It's funny you mention a "crack" on the manifold as that's obviously the cause and pretty much the answer for your first two questions. :eek:

As for your last question.. no one can really tell without looking at it.. to me it sounds like your wheel is rubbing against something, that could explain the smell... BUT I could be wrong. Like I said, without actually being there, everyone can just guess. Take it to a shop and have them drive it. :dunno:
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