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I'm on a long term visit in London, ON and recently its been snowing and freezing the car (no duh). I went grocery showing and had to open the rear passenger door for the first time in a couple weeks and it seemed to be frozen shut, I pulled a little harder and it opened so I though it was fine, but it wasn't. When I was done loading up, the door would not latch at all, the door alignment seems to be fine, even gap all the way around the side and bottom, weather seal takes up all the gap at the top. The latch was slow to spring so I WD40ed it and it moves easier but still wouldn't latch, but it does spring back after I pull the latch in with a screw driver (though even pulling it back like that, it wouldn't latch). THIS MORNING it would latch once pulling it back with the screw driver, but not when closing the door, unfortunately its only done it once. So i know it is still capable of latching, but isnt. Understand that this is the first click not happening, the door is free swinging right now and it may be windy and snowy tonight :(

I really need to close this door somehow, even if i can never open it again, though id like use of it if it can be fixed. BTW, i tried to take the internal panel off, but after I took out the screws in the handle, and the screw in the internal door latch opening device thing, and pulled back the snaps, it sill wouldnt come off, it was still attached to the door opening mechanism like i hadnt taken the screw out.

Can someone help me figure out how to get into the latch and fix it so I can close the door??
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