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95 Corolla Short Ram Intake (Ebay)

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I have a 95 Corolla 4-spd auto 1.8L (7A-FE).

The stock intake on my car (in my opinion) is wack. It's routed under the battery, but takes in air from the side.
What do you guys think about the intakes available on ebay? How good are they in terms of reliability? Do they increase performance at all, or decrease it instead? How hard are they to install? Are they better than the stock intake?

Bottom line: would you reccomend getting one?
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I would just make it custom, run it under the car so you'll get cold air instead of hot air
I have one of those on my 94 corolla.

If you are planning on just slapping one of those on, don't do it.

You loose all your low end.

If you get the ones off ebay, be ready to make a custom heat shield, and at least, feed a tube with a funnel so that it draws some cold air near the filter.
Aright thanks. I think I'll just stay stock since I'm too lazy/inexperienced to do a custom job of relocating the battery to the trunk to make more room for a cold air.
good choice........... but if u put some work into it, it can work...

just that thing is all show and no go
Seen some other thread, where they say that 93-97 corollas are fitted with cold air intake stock. These are located at left and right side of your bumper grille. I haven't verified that myself, think I'm gonna check it out today :)
Yea I figured that out a while ago. The stock airbox takes air from three places 1) off to the side by the battery and 2) two small pipes either side of the bumper grille

This is enough air, unless you have really done some serious upgrades.
not true for mine.............. my stock only takes from behind the headlight...

there is a useless box that is connected to the stock intake as well, which is placed behind the bumper... That box is a totally enclosed air goes in
Hah, weird. I definitely have two little pipes that take in air.
maybe its because you have 1.8 and mine is 1.6
1.8 engines kick 1.6 ass. HAHA, jk, That is weird that yours would only have one pipe, are you sure there isn't one coming from the fender, right beside the battery? That's where mine was, and that's where I'm going to take my custom CAI through... Ukrainian, I'd suggest going CAI or stay stock. I got one of those off ebay, and although it looks nice and sounds nice, it doesn't do anything for performance, possible even negative gains :disappoin h
A custom CAI isn't that hard, only problem would be taking it around the battery, that's going to be the only hard part for me. They're very very easy to install if you ever decide to get one.
Another tip for people who buy the cheap ones off ebay.... Buy the pipe off ebay without or with a cheap filter, and get a K&N filter.
Hey Ukrainian, just noticed in your sig, did you hit the fuel cut or have you ever? I thought the factory fuel cut was suppose to be at 112 MPH, but I get mine up to around 120ish before the fuel cut.:D
I don't recall but I don't think I ever buried the speedometer. I think I went like 108 tops. There was no fuel cut I think, though I was going up a slight incline. I don't really remember cause I was doing that while trying to take a pic of it too. At night when you have to hold the camera really still or it's blurry. That was hard to do. :p:

Btw, about the intake... I decided a while ago to stay stock after considering various options... this is just an old thread haha.
yeah, right in front of the battery..... and there is another one going downward beside the battery... and thats where the useless box is... I was so pissed when I found out it did nothing
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