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95 mr2 turbo JDM engine swap

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how much would a jdm turbo engine cost to swap it into a usdm turbo or a usdm nonturbo
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You need to clarify a bit. It has been posted several times in the last few weeks...

- What generation engine are you looking at?
- Are you doing the work.. or having a shop do it?
- Are you getting a half cut or a clip.... etc.etc.etc...
95 engine, shop, and i dont know which is cheaper?
i do not know much about engine swaps or much about engine swaps and i dont have an mr2 but i want a gen 3 so bad
I paid $800 for labor to have my swap done... pretty damn good deal if you ask me. I have seen some people quoted as high as $2000 or so. If you buy the engine from the same shop that you are having install it... don't worry about if it's a half cut or clip... then it's their problem. Just make sure you get an outright quote. I know GreddySetGo from just got 2 - 3rd gen clips (year 1997) in.... his shop is selling them as a swap.... with labor... dunno a price though. See if they still have them available if you are serious about this...

Integrity Auto
1551 E. Walnut St.
Pasadena, CA 91106

BTW: I have no clue where you are from.... this could be way too far for you ;)
i live in sc and i have a camry le 96. i am 16 and want a new car when i graduate. do u know what gives the Jdm more power than the usdm
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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