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95 Previa new cd player problem

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My factory sound system just fried, and I am trying to install a new one, but I've got a problem. When installed, it sounded great when the engine was off, but as soon as I started the car, the engine noise came over the radio. The unit finally blew for some reason. Before I try installing another one, does anyone have any pointers on installing new audio equipment in a 95 Previa?
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I am willing to bet anything that you need a new alternator.

Seeing as both your interior lights keep blowing and your new cd player blew, you almost certainly have a faulty voltage regulator in your alternator. When this fails, there is nothing to keep your car running at ~14 reality it can climb well over 20 volts unless you have absolutely every electrical system turned on, and even then it probably wont go below 18 volts. Voltages that high would cause the lights to burn out quickly and would fry pretty much any CD player.
Angust: Gideon's suggestion might be your culprit, but you could also have a bad ground. You might try running a wire from your unit ground to the battery ground terminal. Or, you might try installing a noise filter on the power wire.

I put Pioneer CD/MP3 players in both my Toyotas, and the Taco does have this problem.

I bought the units through Crutchfield. They are a bit more expensive than bargain-basement web sites, but they give you good instructions, some extra parts to help assembly and -most important of all- good customer support.

If your new unit fried, you might have a short somewhere between the fuse and the plug.

Good luck & let us know what you find,
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