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95 randomly jerks when going high speeds

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1995 Toyota Tercel - 105k miles - automatic transmission.

When the car gets to between 65 - 85 mph the car randomly jerks. It never happens at speeds over or under 65 and 85. When i say "jerk" i mean just one single jerk...not very hard, but you can feel it. The jerking isnt often. Sometimes it will happen 3 times in 10 minutes and sometimes it will go an hour without happening. Anyone have any idea what this can be?

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This at a constant speed or during acceleration?
It happens at a constant speed.

It's not a hard jerk...very light. I think other people somtimes describe it as a buck. Also, it doesnt affect the speed of the vehicle or make any noise when it happens.

Wes it an engine jerk? it could be a mechanical problem w/ maybe steering or suspension.
im not exactly sure what it could be but i keeping think that its your suspension mount the one on teh front of the engine that is made mostly of rubber. but its probably not it
cheap either seafoam or injector cleaner through the gas tank...

I also have a 95' Tercel and I too have the occasional jerk/buck. Mine does not do it as often as yours, more like maybe once or twice a week whether accelerating or constant cruising. I have also noticed that it does it when cold or just after 10-15 min. of use (I usually commute in it for about 50-60 min.). Mine has definately diminished to like once every two weeks sometimes three or four since I put injector cleaner in the gas tank every oil change. I still have not figured out what the heck it is, but I will continue to add this cleaner from now on. I figure $2 every 3K miles wount hurt and it seems to be working. BTW, my Tercel is a 5-Spd and with 126K miles on the clock.
i think when mine was doing that i changed the fuel filter and that solved it...

or may have been the spark plug wires/spark was one of the two
I made a post earlier with what I believe might be a similar problem. (Engine cutting out at 75) What was happening to mine was that at 75 after about 8-10 miles it would behave like it was starving for fuel. If I let off the gas, and press it again it would catch up and run for a while then cut out again. If I kept the speed at 70, no problem. What I found was a vacuum sence switch, mounted on the firewall that had a cracked vacuum line going to it, that switch will cut the engine if vacuum is lost. I have replaced that line but I haven't been able yet to check it at 75 or above for an extended distance to prove that I have really solved the problem. I have run it at 75, but not for 10 miles, no cut out.
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