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'95 Runner oil leak question...

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Hey all:

'95, automatic, 4WD, V6, 148K miles - Have noticed an oil leak recently (drivers side) when vehicle is parked on a forward uphill incline. I looked at valve covers but they didn't look like they were leaking. Looked like the leak is from a cylindrical object attached to the block with a rubber hose coming out going to front of engine. The part looks like a mechanical fuel pump from an old 70's motor).

ANy ideas where an oil leak may be coming from? Could the leak be coming from the part I described and if so what is the part? If leaking around the valve cover, should I just torque the cover or is it time to replace the gaskets?

I appreciate any direction,

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leaking oil

A snap would be good... sounds like it cout be a lot of things, maybe your Power Steering, etc... but if it's anything like Power Steering it should create a loss in ease of steering.

Post the pic.
Its the oil cooler o ring thats leaking and its fairly easy to change out.
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