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96 4runner Alternator HELP!!!

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my dad was trying to remove the alternator on the 4runner. The last thing he had to remove was the generator/alternator plug. When we was pulling on it, he pulled on it too hard and only the wires came out. now we don't know which order the plugs go.

If somone can easily take a picture of theirs, or know the schematics it would be greatly appreciated.

car: 1996 toyota 4runner sr5 v6


here's what it looks like now:
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Ive got a '96-'00 4Runner service manual, but I dont find a wiring schematic for that plug.
All it talks about with the plug is to make sure that the new alternator has the same plug as your old one. Sorry, I wish I could be of more assistance.
thanks captain_toyota, i have the service manual too and its really no help, im hoping that a chilton's or haynes manual will have something.
can someone just pop their hood open and check for me?
my brother will be home on thursday and he has a 95 4runner. i'll check then. are they colored so i can tell which they are easily?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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