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This is regarding a 96 XL with standard 3.0 V6.
Mileage 120 K. (haven't done the 120K service yet)
All other services done exactly when required for total vehicle history.
As the morning temp has suddenly hit the 30 degree mark a few things have happened all at once! I've had the car three years and this hasn't happened before.

1) Loud upper engine noise when first started, goes away after about one minute.
Sounds like oil is not getting where needed.

2) Rough shifting for the first couple miles driven.

3) Power steering: Actually causes engine to raise idle when turned side to side while cold.
Slight moaning sounds evident, but fluid appears normal level. Possible rack leak, but very slight.

4) Check Engine light has come on at every freeze for the past two years, then goes away after a few start cycles.

Is it possible all this is related to a common source?
Opinions appreciated!

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1.- loud noise during cold start if NORMAL. Engine needs to warm up to get electrical and system check to get ready for proper normal engine drive.

2. check your temp gauge, should only be roung when its still cold, once it hits the middle part fo the gauge it should be fine. Same thing and 1, just a visual check and to make sure teh fluids are warm.

3. same, normal.

4. that you should get checked out. a CEL usually means something not right. take it to a garage or get an OBDII scanner and do it yourself to see what the problem is.

good luck.
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