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96 Camry and 96 LandCruiser parts exchange

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I was wondering if anyone knew if a 96 Camrys parts are interchangable with a 96 Landcruisers parts? I am looking to buy another car and have a spare parts car for my camry. I am wanting to kill two birds with one stone. Did the Landcruiser have a much more powerful engine with all different parts? And were all of the other parts under the hood different at well? From pictures that i have looked at the interior looks about the same. Thank you
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I've never been in a Land Cruiser... but I don't think much Is doing to be interchangeable. The engines are completely different. You can check or to see if any of the part numbers are the same. However, some toyota parts even though they are the same, have different part numbers. Something to keep in mind.
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