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96 Camry Exhaust/Engine problem!!!

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Hii guys..

got a 96 Camry with 110K miles on it. It's been running well, except for a noise, which i believe is coming from the Exhaust manifold.

But recently, the Check Oil light was on; i changed oil, changed the oil pressure switch & then it went off.. driven almost 1700 miles & it never showed up again. Last week, the Check Engine light came on and infact when i drove the vehicle in an elevation, there was some kind of burning smell and some little smoke from the AC outlet.

But now that is gone too & i don't know how serious my problem is .. any pointers.. thanks
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Not sure about your check oil light, but the noise from your exhaust is probably your flex pipe. Get that checked can be welded back together if the leak isn't too bad.
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