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96 camry 2.2
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I put a new timing belt on a 96 camry 4 cylinder just two days ago and that part of the work took less than two hours. With three camrys I've done this a few times and this was only the timing belt because the cheap old one stretched after 11 months. A first timer doing all the seals and water pump should take around five hours I'd guess.

A basic metric socket set with a 6 inch extension to loosen the power steering belt and a 14mm wrench for the motor mount are needed along with a jack stand. A 1/4 toque wrench (harbor freight will work) for the water pump if you're doing it. Borrow a harmonic balance puller from an auto parts place before you start and grab two m6 60mm long bolts and four 1/4 washer (standard is cheaper than metric with two for each bolt) Use the m6 bolts in the harmonic balancer puller if it's needed and then use them to hold the harmonic balancer still while you torque it down.

My tool to hold the harmonic balancer is just a piece of 1/4 x 1 inch steel flat bar cut into two pieces (one 22" and one 6") with three 1/4 holes drilled into it. A 1/4 bolt and nut for a hinge and the other two for the m6 bolts to hold the harmonic balancer. An impact gun or the starter bump method will remove the bolt easily.

To turn the crank for timing I use a 19mm socket with two extensions on a 1/2 extendable ratchet. This allows me to stand and see the timing mark on the harmonic balancer and turn it with ease.


1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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