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96 Camry LE V6 - P0330 - knock sensor 2 circuit malfunction bank 2

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Over the last couple weeks I have been getting a P0330 error - knock sensor 2 - circuit malfunction bank 2 and it reappears 5 to 10 minutes after I clear it with my OBD2 scanner. The CE light comes on and it doesn't seem to correlate to any speed or RPM...

A little background. The son is now the primary driver of our old 96 Camry LE V6 (that may the the problem lol), which has 120,000 miles and is well maintained by myself. I recently change plugs, wires, filters and 2 of the 3 O2 sensors (the one downstream and one of the upstream ones) due to poor gas mileage. The mileage did improve and plan to change the other O2 sensor shortly. (I have 3 Toyotas with the same 1MZFE engine and thought I had replaced one already but it was on the Sienna). Changed out most of the exhaust system last summer except the cat converter. Replaced the header pipes because the flex pipe failed, and replaced the muffle and tail pipe with a Cherry Bomb or something similar making it overly loud.. KIDS!!

He did have a mishap in December, over the hill and clipped a tree. Had to replace the front passenger side door with a used one and full the wrinkle out of the roof. Looks like hell but I don't have to drive it!! lol Also had to put the exhaust system back together, had pulled a slip joint apart.

Also there is a slight hesatation when accelerating through 3,500 - 4,000 rpm, in second gear only.

So the question is... Does this error mean that the KS has failed? and if so where is it located and how easy is it to replace? Have a short window since it has to be inspected soon and they will not pass it with any error codes present.

Any help hould be greatly appreciated.

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That DTC indicates that there is no signal being sent to the ECM from the knock sensor above 2,000 rpm. I would check all the wiring going to the ECM from the KS and make sure that no wires have been clipped. Sounds like your son's driving habits and mine are somewhat similar. :lol:
yes, it sounds like the knock sensor is on its way out...but not quite fully dead yet.

if the knock sensor was dead, it would send not variable signals to the ecu, which means that basically once you turn on the car and rev the engine, the code will pop up immediately instead of after 5-10 minutes of driving.

as for how to replace it- it's a bitch. you will need to remove the intake plenum and then drain the coolant and remove the intake manifold to get to the knock sensors. long story short, you may as well do your rear valve cover gasket and change your rear sparkplugs at the same time as well as change the coolant hose in the valley as well.

OR you can simple rewire the knock sensors so that they both run off of the signal being sent from the bank1 sensor (which is the side towards the firewall) and that will also solve the problem with the CEL
Thanks for the help... I have hesatated on changing the rear valve cover gasket, which as a small oil leak, just because I didn't want to take off the intake. SIGH... Guess I have two reasons now... lol I do like you idea on the rewiring... and I was pondering that a few minutes ago while driving the Camry. That would at least get me through the inspection and I can delay it until warmer weather or till all the crap is out of my garage... which ever one comes first!!

Thanks again
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