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96 camry let go gas rpm close to 0 at any speed

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I have a 96 camry and whenever I let go of the gas, the rpm drops close to 0 at any speed.. when I go at a certain speed and I let go of the gas, the rpm should stay pretty constant and slowly drop. But this drops whenever ypu let go of gas
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What's close to 0? No engine can stay on with RPM 0.. when you let go of the gas, if you're not accelerating, the rpm should drop rapidly and then slowly after the sudden drop.
What I mean is when you drive 40 mph, and you let go of the gas, the rpm should be at about 1500 rpm, slowly dropping when the speed drops. But when i let go of the gas at 40 mph, the rpm drops to like 500 or less.

I didn't tell you everything and I should. Before, for like almost 2 years, when I turn on the car, it starts rough (about 400 or less rpm), but when i press the gas to like 3000 rpm it goes normal (about 1100 rpm) I let it go and ignored it and now its doing this at all times.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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