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96 camry power doorlocks

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I'm having issues with my driver side power door locks. My passanger side power door locks works fine, but not the driver's side. When i open the door on my driver's side the only door that opens is the driver's side. Where as when i open the door from the passager side all the doors lock. At times when i close the door i hear the power door locks try to lock all the doors but its unsucessful. It makes that door locking sound but nothing happens.

I've heard from a couple people to check the wiring on my driver's side door.

If i take it into the dealership, how much would you think they are going to take out of my wallet?
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the dealership is gonna rape least they always try... anyhow, u might wanna pop the inside door panels off and try cycling the door locks to see if there is anything that is catching or rubbing or generally impeding the mechanism. if nothing is physically wrong, then at least u will be able to pin point the problem. if the solenoid is trying to actuate but not quite making it, then u know u gotta replace that. my suggestion is to find replacement parts online like ebay or something and put them in urself, it's easy and saves u a lot of loot.
well first off i have next to zero knowledge about cars. I just recently got this camry and i don't really wanna take it apart. By poping the inside panel, i think i can do that and check out whats going on.

solenoid <~ no idea what that is.

If someone can supply me with pictures or blueprints of how everything should work that would be great.

edit. I tried removing the panel. But it seems the metal part on the top of the panel cant really side out of the hole for the panel. :*( i didn't wanna put force upon it.
anyone with help?
i just found this out today. Well coming for the driver side if i turn the key once my door opens and if twice all doors open. which i'm taking it as a sign that its not my wiring thats messed up its just the panel switch. But the wierd thing is if i put my key to the left a number of times i only find that my door locks and not the other doors which i found odd. But anyways i'm very happy finding that out today. So now i'm just thinking of either replacing the whole master switch panels if i can get one off ebay or cleaning the switch which would take a while and i might break it.
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