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'96 Celica - radio won't work after jump

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I have a 1996 Celica - 25th Anniversary edition. A couple months back I had to jump start the car and ever since, the CD player/radio/tape deck have not worked.

The buttons on the CD player light up and the place where you insert the CDs lights up, but I get nothing on the screens and obviously no sound.

I have checked/replaced the fuses and that doesn't seem to be the problem. I took the factory CD player out and hooked up the power to a Sony xplod CD player and that wouldn't power on either.

Does anyone know what has caused this? How I can fix it? And approximately how much it's going to cost?

BTW, everything else works fine, no other electrical problems.
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Try tracing back on that harness and see if something got fried upstream. Get your trusty meter out and do a lil testing
Did you hook the Xplod up to just the power or did you wire it in completely? It could be a grond issue, you know? If the Sony gets no power that way, at least you know that it's something narrowed to power or ground (unless the Sony doesn't work either, but I figure that you wouldn't try a bad stereo, I have faith in you).

Also, if the factory stereo gets lights and they are controlled by the light dimmer, that's most likely a power source that is working in it. Doesn't solve much, I'd guess, but it would tell you why the stereo is getting some power, but not what it needs.
You may have to reset the radio with a code. It may be just a series of numbers you program in via the push buttons.The code may be on the back cover of your owner's manual. I had a friend who had to do this on his Honda Accord after disconnecting the power source from the car.
Sounds like a blown radio fuse.
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