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96 Center armrest

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I have a 96 Camry, 4dr, 4 cyl, AT. I'm looking for a new center console armrest. The color is brown, and it's the thick (about 4 inches) model. Does anyone have a part number or a good site that I can access to look this up? Is there a difference between 2dr and 4dr, and what years are interchangeable? Ebay has some listed, but I want to make sure I get the right one. Thanks in advance for all responses.
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well, if you have a 96 you'll need to find an armrest from a 95 or 96 to match the color. also, since you have the 4 cyl, you have the hand e-brake. so make sure that the armrest is not a long one because the V6 had long armrests. i hope this helps.
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