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96 Conversion

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Hey anybody now if they is a way to put the 95/96 style tail lights on my 94, I've always loved the split tail lights with body panel in the middle..
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yes..should be bolt on i think.... you should check out one of the ...four? people parting out their cars to see if you can get the back end for your self
It should. You'll need to swap trunk garnishes, plug the lights in for them and your done

Also, you'll want to change the tail lights to the same year for them to be flush with that garnish. If little things bother you, this will drive you nuts. The way the tail light lense bends is different to the bends on that 95-96 garnish and they don't line up correctly. The garnish will stick out about 1/4in
yea, now I just thought about it, and if I did do that I would have to get it painted, but I mean my car is 15 years old.. I would have to go ahead and paint the whole car, I don't have money like that right now
paint the whole car? why not just paint the piece?
RningOnFumes said:
paint the whole car? why not just paint the piece?
You're way ahead of him:giggle:
i just realized now what he meant....fifteen year old paint will mash with the fresh paint on the trim piece
Just get a wire brush, scratch it and match the rest of your car...or something:confused:
just get one off the same color 95 camry it will match somewhat more decently
yea, just have to look around I guess
yeah just try to find the same color car as waht you ahve and get the pieces you need. The only other thing you may want to think about is the tail light failure sensor. IF you do not have the taillights that go into the actual trunk likd you may run into problems with that light coming on in the dash. I am sure someone on here has done and can give you a little more info on overcoming that problem. May need to do some wiring, I am not sure though.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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