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96 corolla alternator replace

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Couldn't find this in the archives. How do ya get the cotton-pickin alternator out to replace it? I can't find the tension adjustment whatcha-callit. Does someone know where it's located on a 96 Corolla? Please? Or should I call 1-800-WAA-AAAH?
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There are 3 bolts to get the alternator out. One on the top and two on the bottom. Remove the first bolt that is on the top of the alternator. Use a ratchet with an extension socket to get at the second bolt directly underneath the alternator. This bolt is actually attached to the slider to tighten and loosen the alternator into place. After these two bolts are out loosen the bolt at the bottom that is more towards the front of the alternator. It's a tight place to be working the ratchet but you'll get it. :)
Rabinny, you got it right. The garage I took it to has 2 guys working there. The old one (he's 80) couldn't figure it out, but the young guy (76) caught it right away. They charged me 60 bucks AND went to NAPA and picked up the replacement and installed it for me. Hope they stay in business for a looooong time.

Appreciate the info....Don
Wow, a guy working at a garage couldn't figure out how to get the alternator out? Very scary :eek:

Glad everything worked out for ya! Good luck!
Youd be surprised at how little some mechanics know about their trade. And how much they rip off the largely unknowleagable public. Check out this article on auto scams:
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