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-96 Heater Fan replacement help

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I'll begin by excusing myself for my bad grammar as english is not my first language. (Sweden) :)

My heater fan seems to be going on her last breaths.. I haven't got any functionality of it at all and this weekend i opened it up to inspect it. Started the car and nothing.. So i gave it a spin and then it started to slowly circulate, just a couple of RPM:s.

What I can tell from previous posters on this forum and other places on the internet, my heater fan engine is the problem. I have checked all resistors and fuses and messured the current that's comming directly to the fan.

I have searched for replacement parts but there seems to by a drought of these engines, atleast if you don't want to buy a new one for, what i have heard, 5-600$.

Yesterday i was browsing the internet for replacements and found these engines on amazon: VDO-PM2711-Blower-Motor.

Is it possible to replace the engine part and reuse the rest of the parts from my broken fan?

Has anyone else any experience from this? Is it easy to do? Is this the best solution? Is it even a compatible motor?

Thank you all for your time reading this!
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Yes and no...that metal shaft might not be the correct one. I believe there has to be a groove on the end there where the little "C" clip snaps on to if it has that then yes you can just rebuild your unit.
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