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96 indiglow gauges

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Anyone know the wiring for indiglow gauges on a 96. I've had them sitting around waiting for the kid that knows the wiring and half my spedo gauges just went dark! lol! i have no idea how fast i'm going at night till 50mph
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i used the red wire to the fuse box in side the interior. plug it in one of them and make sure only when you turn on head lights it turns on and the black to the ground near the gas pedel.

how did you do yours?
Parking light wire

Green wire (+)

In a white connector just below the fuses with the wires exiting out towards you.

The wire can also be found on one of the plugs that go into the back of the guage cluster.
i see....shall try that...need to get needle lit back up before i put them in
I wired it to the red wire to the ash tray light.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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