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96 Tacoma stalling when stop

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I have a 96 tacoma 2.4L 4cyl MT, that stalls after warm up, run ok on the highiway but at red light it stall, sometime it want start after stalling.

1. replace spark plug, plug wires,distributer cap, rotor, air filter, pvc valve - no change
2. clean throttle body and EGR valve. - no change
3. replace the temp Switch. - no change
4. replace idle air control. - no change
5. replace battery - no change
6. replace fuel filter - no change

In the past, when I clean the throttle body it ran great for week, not anymore so I replace the idle air control valve it cost $235.00 also clean the throttle body
before putting on the new oem IAC from toyota, I thought this would fix it no change
at all.

Yes know this not the right forum.
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Only thought: bad distributor

Really only a guess

also check vacuum lines. Someone suggested propane welding torch flowing while unlit while engine is idling to see where reving occurs in bay.
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