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I am a new member to this forum. In fact first time in any forum.

Toyota has been good to my family for many years. I started with a pickup back in the 90' and I just got a 07 Camry for my wife last year. For me, I am still keeping my 97 4 Runner.

The 4 Runner has been great for the last 11 years and is still very good after just about 200K miles. I used to put on about 100 miles a day on the freeway each day. About a year ago, the local Toyata dealer changed the timing belt the first time. At the same time they changed the water pump, belts and others. Since then, the engine feels and sounds heaver than before, and the gas-milage has dropped about 2-3 miles. Also, sometimes it takes a little bit longer to shift up gear. I called the dealer couple of times and the responses I got was " your car is too old and should expected that". I letted it go for about a year until I talked to someone recently. He recommended me to take the car in and check the timing belt for proper alignment. Before I take the car back to the dealer, I am considering checking the compression and the spark plugs first.

Any recommendation?? Should I check the transmission too.

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