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The noise that you hear is coming from the belt. The belt is not tight enough so it makes a screeching chirp everytime the belt slips.

The fix is to replace the belt with Continental OE Technology Series 4030295 3-Rib.

Here's how to do it:

Take off the drive belt.
1) loosen the 12mm and 14mm bolt (1), (2)
2) loosen the long 12mm bolt (3) to loosen the tension

Install continental poly-v belt
For this you need long extension, 12mm socket, 3/8 to 1/4 adapter, lug wrench or crowbar

1) Loosen the bolt where the wrench is in the picture.
2)grab a 3/8 ratchet. put adapter and socket on it.

3) peak in from the right side, into the power steering. like shown in the picture.


4) grab the ratchet put it on the 12mm bolt shown in the picture keep peeking through the bottom to put it on the right bolt. The ratchet goes over the belt.

5) loosen the bolt to take off the belt.
6) put new belt on.
7.0) put the long extention on.
7) grab the lug wrench that came with the car, and slip it from under the power steering pump on the engine somewhere.

8) put the long extention on bottom 12mm bolt.

9) put the tension with the lug wrench and tighten the 12mm bolt.
10) check the belt tension by twisting the belt. if it turns more than quarter turn. it's too loose. Loosen the bolt and put more tension.
11) Once there is enough tension. Tighten the 12mm bolt on top of the power steering

12) put the alternator belt back on and you're done.

I put Continental OE Technology Series 4030295 3-Rib belt and there is no squeaking and screeching anymore. It took me couple of tries to get it right, but if you follow the guide you'll get it first try.


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I had this problem a couple years ago... mechanic tightened my PS belt and all is well. If the belt is on the older side, though, may as well replace it.

Important to note that this car has a serpentine belt that runs the alternator, and a separate power steering belt behind that. On some cars, like my 2007 Honda Odyssey, the serpentine/alternator belt runs the power steering as well, so there's only one belt on that car.
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