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Caldina GTT
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Hi all, I have a 97 Caldina GTT, i have owned her since 2005 and had very few if any problems, that seems to have changed!
Okay my problem is this; driving along speedo and tach will twitch, then maybe get worse, then 'drop' at this point the odometer goes blank, the VSC light comes on, as does the engine warning light and the O/D off light flashes.
Now I thought I had cured this when I had both of the floppy printed circuits changed out by Toyota last month, I have had a month of driving with no issues, then they all came back yesterday. When I saw the workshop people at Toyota they wanted to sell me new printed circuits, new Tach, New Speedo, this lot came to over £1000. I thought about the issues and decided to get them to change the printed circuits (two on rear of dashboard) this cost just over £120 so a big difference to the £1000 they wanted me to spend.
Does anyone have any experience of these issues, can anyone suggest a cure?
Thanks in advance.
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