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97 camry 15" tire size

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I have a 97 camry LE 4cyl that came with 195/70-14 tires. I bought a set of 15" BBS wheels real cheap and need to buy some tires. I see a lot of camrys with 15 wheels that have 205/65-15 tires. I don't understand. Using a tire calculator, that combo is 3% larger dia. A closer match is 205/60-15 which are 0.3% smaller dia and 215/60-15 are 1.7% larger dia. I don't really want 65 series tires and I don't want them to be smaller dia either, although 0.3% smaller is very minimal and surely unnoticable.

I'm leaning to the 215/60-15. Does anybody else use this combo? Is there any clearance issues (wheels have 40mm offset)? Would this look goofy, as in too much tire?

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The 205 60 would be the closest to stock in overall diameter but all three sizes should fit without issues. It may be a matter of finding the tire you like best out of the three sizes that are available. Feel free to contact me directly to discuss the details.
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