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97 camry cd player quit

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Stock unit, I get an err display when I try to play my cd's. I cleaned the player and it still does not work.. Cd sounds like it is turning for about 15-20 seconds then pops out and gives me the "err" message. Any suggestions? Anyone know what the factory code is for this stereo? thx
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The CD player is gone, not worth getting it fixed. The laser may be bad, motor may have deteriorated, etc. Time for a change.
same thing happened with my changer. i got it fixed once and it broke in 3 months. DONT BOTHER. i just took mine out completely.
just get a new one, preferably a nice one. they aren't that hard to install if you know how to do it. or i think you can get it installed free at places like circuit city if you buy it there.
Time for a nice aftermarket unit!

Here's how my Kenwood X869 unit looks in my '97.

It's been there a year now, no problems and sounds great.
Check out Alpine, KW, Pioneer and see which you like best.
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