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97 Camry HU replacement recommendations for the people who like stock

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I have an iPod that I want to connect to my 1997 Camry. I followed this thread but the aux input adaptor only works for 1998 and newer.

To summarize:

What won't work for me:
- aux input adaptor (1998 and newer only)
- FM transmitter (poor audio quality)

What is currently working for me:
- cassette tape adapter (it's the cheapest solution but it's not the best)

What I would like:
- a head unit replacement with an auxiliary input for my iPod (excellent)
- a head unit replacement with an iPod connector (even better!)

So for a head unit replacement, I am looking for something really plain. I checked out some Pioneer and Clarion units but they all look so... flashy. I'm not into flashy. I'm a boring guy. I like stock. I want something that feels like it belongs in a BMW or Mercedes: solid and unassuming but chock full o' quality.

I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks. :)
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i have no idea what an ipod uses to connect to a cd player so i can't help you there, but i do know that there are a few that allow memory stick type mp3 devices and most new ones allow mp3 cd's so you can store a buttload on there.

but most aftermarket HU's will look either flashy or cheesy, that is unless you buy a really expensive one that are designed to look just like nothing is there
Yeah. RCA or mini inputs are good enough. The iPod connector is proprietary and has connections for power, audio, and controls.

Actually, I just found something here. Hrm.... This looks veeeeery interesting.

UPDATE: Here is the official KCA-420i Alpine iPod interface. It is to be released in late September at a retail price of $100. :)
So I did it. I bought the Alpine CDA-9827. I plan on getting the Alpine iPod interface when it comes out late this September.

I'm actually surprised at how stylish the Alpine units are. It's not boring, but it doesn't give a laser light show either. It's just got enough flair for you to take notice. Nice.

Oh man oh man oh man. It's arriving today by UPS. I'm so excited I gotta go pee!
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