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1997 Toyota Camry LE
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Hello all and thanks in advance for anyone that is so kind to spend time replying to this post.

On another thread I was advised to purchase a replacement remote from ebay for my '97 Camry. It was stressed that I should purchase the "black" remote instead of the "grey" one. Well unfortunately I purchased the black one and it does not work. I checked the manual (that I finally found) and the FCC number contained in it is: GQ43VT7T. I realize that choosing the correct one means that you must know what alarm system you have on your car. (Factory or Dealer installed) My questions are:

1. How do I determine where my alarm was installed? My car has the football shaped alarm sensor lo the left of the steering wheel. And it has an alarm sticker on the driver side window.

2. If the remote with FCC number GQ43VT7T is indeed the one that I need, can I program this on my own or would I need to take it to the dealer?

Thanks a million for any help!
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