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I have a 97 Camry XLE with 40k miles. There is a thumping noise from the right front whenever I hit bumps.

After having it checked I was told that it needed front strut mounts.

When they gave me the quote it was to replace
mounts & bearings
struts assembly
All for $600.

After doing some checking I found that this seems to be a common problem but everyone has a different take on it. Some said they just change the mounts and leave everything else alone.

The car rides fine other than the thumping so my questiona are :
1. Do I really need to change the struts (shocks)
2. Do I need to change the bearings with the mounts (some people said yes some said no)

I just want to be sure that I am not replacing things just because one shop said I needed to.

Lastly is this a difficult job to do on ones one, I have advanced mechanical skills?

Thanks for your help

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I'm on my third setr of front strut assemblies...all thanks to extended warranty. GO to toyota dealership and see if these TSB's apply to you vin:

PG027-02 Steering/Suspension - Ball Joint Inspection

SU001-00 Suspension - Front Support Change Reduces Noise

SU003-98 Suspension - Groans From Front Driving Over Bumps

SU00796 Suspension - Rattle/Popping Noise From Front

If i were you i'd get these checked before dishing out my personal mulla for the stut assemblies...
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