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97 Camry XLE V6 Failed Smog Badly....Again...!!

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The max HC was 42, average is like 6-7, mines was 99!! Other was like average of 7, mines was 72!

I know my valve seals are going as I get smoke on startups frequently but they say that shouldn't affect it. Anybody know how much does it usually cost to fix that thing? Now I know I got the EVAP (0446) check engine light but I reset it once and it never came up again.

Spark plugs have been changed the last 6 months (Bosch +4 Platinum). Guy at Kragen's said you probably won't pass with those. He suggested as OEM as possible. I'm in the process of changing the fuel filter, spark plugs AGAIN, and spark plug wires. Don't think I'm running lean so my O2 sensors should be ok...

Anybody have suggestions on what specific ones to buy? In terms of fuel filter, spark plugs, and wires? I was thinking of getting the Fram universal fuel filter, NGK wires, and the spark plugs is what is confusing me. I want the NGK ones which can maximize my performance but I suppose are OEM enough to pass smog. I was interested in the Iridium IX. The Laser Cut seems too pricey for me.
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your fuel filter, sparkplug wires and spark plugs are NOT going to affect your emmisions as long as you get a clean spark and enough fuel

look elsewhere for your problems, such as changing your seals and checking your exhaust sytem for leaks and a bad cat, or your EGR system
It may be good to bring it to a good mechanic and do a full tune-up. How many miles do you have and when did you do the last major maintenance?
the Bosch Platinum spark plugs are bad.. basicaly crap
there mainly for euro cars.. bmw

get some NGK or i think denso would be ok...

but i am almost positive that the smog has nothing to do with the sparkplugs or wires.. a good guess would be a problem with your exhuast... EGR..

did you car fail all the individual test or whatever?
i've spoken to you before, but since you brought up something new, i have to say just stick with denso plats. I know you can get cheaper or more expensive plugs like irridium, but how that may affect the car is uncertain. The plat for your engine is double tip, the rest of the plugs on the market tend to be single tipped. oem Denso plats are expensive enough.

eye8 brought up a bad cat...that sounds like something that would directly affect your test results.
Bad cat? Sigh...

I do know my car wasn't right when me and this Gen 4 Camry that was 4-cylinder was beating me on a go-light uphill. Hey nodrog, where did you find the NGK Platinum with the 2 prongs? I can't find it on the Kragens website.
nothing wrong with bosch plugs- even on our cars....not the most popular, but I've used them myself and had no problems at all
NGK doesnt make them.
the factory plugs are denso dual tip plats.

Scroll down to page 1415.

I dont think we've mentioned to you to check your PCV valve as the manual says its what reduces HC. i heard the one for the v6 gets clogged easily. I know mine was changed at 70K.
Its a cheap part. If you take it out and its clogged then you know whats up.
get the right fuel it the same price or cheaper, i got a wix from rock auto dirt cheap.

stock is dual groung plat ngk/denso (same guy basicly) till i think it was 01? then it's iridium

ngk wires are stock.

i hate bosch +4's

try and do a sea foaming (or bg) through the intake it might clear out the cat enough to pass if not you notice a smoother idle

pcv is like 3 dollars

there is a filter on the egr that needs to be cleaned every so often. there is little round dish thing on top of the manafold next to the egr pop the cover off (should be easy) and clean that thing out, maybe even rip out the egr and clean that too.

all else fails we dont have emssions in florida. has the plugs your looking for .... cheap. also has alot of parts as well rather inexpensive.
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O2 sensor?

You got mods and tweaks on the car?
Stay away from Bosch, AC Delco, ect.
We used to have a PILE of plugs from cars at work that had driveability problems solved by replacing the plugs with Denso. We don't use NGK because Denso is the OEM supplier [I work at a dealership] but they are just as good.

Your EGR has NOTHING to do with HC emissions. It deals soley with NOx.

If your HC is high, you are most likely running rich.
Also, oil in the combustion chamber CAN cause high HCs. Not gauranteed, but possible.

You mentinoned something else was high too, what was it?

One cheap possible solution is to run several cans of seafoam through the engine.
I wouldn't worry about the oil, just the intake and gas tank. Run a whole can through each.
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I had the same problem with my 92 V6. I was told by the emissions guys that Toyotas are NOTORIOUS for failing tests when they really have nothing wrong. The reason is that they take a while to heat up the CAT. So what happens is you take your car for a test, park it for 30 mins or more, and the CAT cools. Then they pull it in to test it and the CAT doesn't get enough time to get hot again, and it doesn't burn all the unused fuel, causing you to fail just as stated.

What I had to do is find a place that wasn't busy, (ask what time specifically) and drive long enough to get it good and hot, then make sure they get it right in when you arrive. I passed EASILY when this was done.

The worst part for me is that where I live, emissions were required every 3 years or something, and my third year came up at the end of 2006. Emissions requirements were removed as of 2007!!!! :headbang:
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