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97 Hyundai Accent RIMS on a 99 Tercel

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My freind is selling his tires from an 97 hyundai accent GL.Will they fit on my 99 ? Tercel CE
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Just tires, or rims too? Rims won't fit, bolt pattern is larger on the Accent. As far as the tires, if they are for the same rim size (ie 13", 14" etc) as what you have, and close to the same size as factory, then yes. Like, if you have 185/70/R14 tires, and his are 195/65/R14, then they will fit, but if you have 185/70/R13's then they won't.
alright.. i kinda figured that out for myself. I noticed though that 2000 and 2001 accent rims fit on the 99 tercel. Thanks though interesting to know
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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