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I have installed a Avital 4111 Remote starter in my 97 Prizm. In case someone else wants to hook up a like item to there Prizm, This is my first remote starter and I'm not sure if there is an industry standard like car stereo's wiring, but here goes on how the ignition is hooked up...

First is the cars wires...Second the Avital

Black/Yellow up to Pink (+ output to ignition circuit)
Black/White to the purple (+output to starter circuit)
Blue/Red to the Orange (+ Output to accessory circuit)
White 12v constant hooked up to red fused wire (+30A high current 12 input)
Black/Red 12v constant hooked up to second red fused wire (+30A high current 12 input)
Black/Orange hooked up to pink/white (+ programmable output for accessory or ignition)
Horn Green Wire @ Steering Column hooked up to brown (-) horn output
Metal Portion of the Vehicle hooked up to black (-) chassis ground connection
Parking lights (+) Green @ Dimmer switch hooked up to white (+) light flash output (I used a relay, it was suggested to reduce incoming amps!)
Brake light wire (+) green/white hooked up to Brown (+) brake switch shut down wire
Tachometer wire negative (-) Black located on drivers side shock tower test connector (IG-) terminal, hooked up to (-) violet/white tachometer input wire
Hood pinswitch shutdown & the tach ran through the factory harness going through firewall poked a hole through the rubber and ran them through.
Rear defogger black (-) on plug in behind the dash switch hooked up too blue/white (-) 200mA 2nd status/rear defogger output.

Both Prizm and Corolla have either a power mirror control or blank blank panel by dimmer knob, I popped off my panel and there I mounted the on/off toggle switch and the program switch, the toggle switch has a nut that holds it down, so hole not a big issue, but the program switch doesn't and uses ribs to hold it in thin plastic and sheet metal, the brace behind cover is thick plastic but flat, so drill a 1/4 inch hole then take a 5/16th bit and drill till it has a thin area at the bottom of hole, do not drill all the way though, if you do then the switch will not hold and will be loose, just be careful, drill at your own risk ;}LOL
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