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97 rolla starter problem

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problem: when I try to start my car sometimes I get a loud click. I bounce around in the seat a couple of times and try to start it again. It starts. Then other times, it starts right up but makes a horrible racket, I think the starter is still spinning while the car is running. Today I turned off the car and the starter tried to keep going! Does this warrant a new starter, or just wire or connector replacement. Please help!:confused:
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Usually there is a solenoid that pushes the starter motor shaft out to engage the flywheel, and it is supposed to be spring loaded to pull it away when you don't have the key in the start position.

It could be the solenoid on the starter going bad, I don't know if you can replace the solenoid, or if it's just easier to replace the whole starter assembly as a unit.

It could also be that your ignition switch is bad, and the connection that is made when you turn the key to start sometimes sticks or doesn't make it.

If you turned the key all the way off and the starter was still runnning, then it sounds more like an electrical problem, either the ignition switch, or maybe a shorted out wire somewhere.

There is also a relay somewhere, used to switch in the high current that the starter draws. Could also be a bad starter relay.
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