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97 to 95 engine swap,is it possible?

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Hey guys this is my first post here, and was wondering if you guys could shed some light for me. I have a 1995 Toyota Avalon with a dead engine. It has bench seating with the column shifter. I went to the junk yard looking for another engine and they told me a I need an engine with Californian emission specs. Not quite sure what that means, but I happened to wreck my other 1997 avalon :-( I was wondering if a swap was possible and if it would work. Please guys hel me out because Im trying to do this soon.
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If you bring over ALL the parts from the 97(engine/ecu/cat/etc) to the 95, it should work out fine. The CA mention is saying that if you are swapping only the engine itself, you need a CA engine since your ECU and all are programmed and designed for CA specs.
Remove both engines and install the exhaust manifolds with A/F sensors, upper intake with throttle body from the 95 to the 97 engine, Install engine and call it a day.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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